"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."
Ernest Hemingway - Author and facial hair enthusiast

VAS is a blend of a unique industry perspective, converging professional skillsets repurposed for our industry and the hands-on approach to advisory and consulting services which are unavailable for marine dealerships and their OEMs. 


I specialize in organizational strategy, the articulation of meaningful and measurable goals and the alignment of the resources and underlying systems and processes needed to achieve them. Whether you need help getting organized, planning an exit strategy, managing growth or executing a transaction, VAS is the flexible resource that can show you how or work with you to get there.


A Unique Perspective

For more than seven years I’ve enjoyed a unique experience in the marine industry. I was fortunate to serve the sharpest dealers in the Mid-Atlantic while studying our industry as a whole from the unparalleled vantage of a big bank with a dominant market share. After several years facilitating credit transactions and adjusting my professional training to fit our industry’s needs my urge to get involved took over. A dealership customer made a unique offer – he needed someone to align the activities of several recently acquired full-service marinas and a substantial dealership operation. I left the bank to work for the dealer and became the bank’s customer. I was working in the same places with the same people, but with a perfectly opposite perspective.  


As I completed the dealer’s project, I realized a few things. I realized that I create more value as an independent third party. I realized how many of the issues faced by our industry, as well as their underlying causes, are common. I also realized how many of these issues are fixable when we adopt a long-term focus.


A Broad Range of Skills

I had my first real job at fourteen, by twenty I was working full time. At the time I was in college and grateful to receive my education, but I was also restless. I have always wanted to learn by doing. Over the years I’ve built on a formal education in organizational strategy and accounting, developed a sincere focus on relationships and refined overlapping areas of expertise including:


  ■  Buy/sell agreements, commercial real estate and other asset transactions.

  ■  Wholesale finance; floorplan finance, commercial notes and working capital lines of credit.

  ■  Private debt placements.

  ■  Special asset or distressed transactions.

  ■  Inventory management.

  ■  Data analytics, financial & non-financial.

  ■  Process and system design.

  ■  Controllership and financial management.


I have been specializing in these different areas of focus for use in our industry for years. I am skilled at interpreting the macro-environment and applying concepts at the ground level. The VAS offering is limited to the elements that have been proven as applicable and effective.