"The sign of a great leader is knowing what you know
and knowing what you don’t know."

Angela Ahrendts - Senior Vice President of Retail, Apple

Flexibility is my priority; a wide range of services are available to marine dealerships, OEMs and related third parties of all sizes across the country. Engagements are based on client needs and the client dictates my level of participation. Regardless of scope, the nature or duration of an engagement, my goal is simple and consistent – I am in business to create and maintain productive relationships within the industry.


An engagement may only last a few days, in other cases an engagement may be made up of multiple projects with a common goal which will take months to complete. The choice is yours, it just depends on what you want and need. 


Within the marine industry I am willing to engage with clients on the small jobs most advisors would turn down because I believe we are a community. I provide expertise and knowledge for a clients’ benefit, but I also learn from my clients every step of the way. As a small community of professionals, it is critical that we continue to develop and share information through our networks, associations and other affiliations. When our industry is strong, we stay strong as individuals. 


I’m also willing to take on small jobs because I know the quality of my work, I’ve demonstrated its value for years. Once a client has interacted with me they are likely to come back as they progress and identify their unique needs. It is not just good for the community, it is good business. I believe that when I focus on developing relationships revenue will follow. The bottom line is that if I can schedule you, I can accommodate the work you need.


Engagement Flexibility 

While engagements often focus on immediate needs, care is taken to understand your needs, your urgency, your capabilities and the resources you have available. By breaking an engagement into multiple discrete tasks, you have the option to delegate any of the work to yourself for your team. This arrangement helps to limit your expense and ensures you only pay for the services you wanted. Clients choose my level of participation for the same reasons; everyone’s needs are different.


Generally, clients will select from three levels of participation:

  ■ Strategic – I clarify, vet and outline your planned course of action or transaction, you and your team execute.

  ■ Tactical – In addition to strategic considerations, I vet the resources you need and structure the operating systems and  

  underlying processes which support your planned course of action. I help you and your team initiate the activity.

  ■ Operational – In addition to strategic and tactical considerations I become an embedded member of your team or I work  

  independently to achieve your desired outcome.