"Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth."
Mike Tyson - Pugilist, WBA/ WBC/IFB heavyweight champion, known degenerate and American poet. 

Despite serving some commercial real estate organizations outside of the industry, my clients tend to be independent marine dealerships and their OEMs. My clients are often the owners and operators, some own several ongoing concerns and rely on professional managers. Often there is a commercial real estate component and often it is owned and operated as a separate entity.


VAS is designed for flexibility, I can serve anyone from owner/operators to OEMs or investors interested in entering the marine industry.

Vitullo Advisory Services My Clients
Generally, my clients fall into one of three categories:


■  Those who need help stabilizing or optimizing their dealership by reviewing their strategy and aligning their operations to support, or some component of.

■  Those who temporarily need additional expertise and working hours to plan, facilitate and/or execute their projects or transactions.

■  Those who need a periodic service such as reviewing quarterly budgets, performing a year-end financial analysis or participating in annual planning as an objective third party. 


You may manage every aspect of your dealership yourself or you may have a strong and well-resourced team of capable professionals. My independence and flexibility as an advisor allow me to adjust how I work and what I work on so that my capacity is exactly what my client requires and nothing more.