"A person who sees a problem is a human being, a person who finds a solution
is a visionary, and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur."

Naveen Jain - CEO of InfoSpace



Strategic Planning

The broadest level of service - strategic planning defines a global objective and re-aligns the resources and activities of your dealership to accomplish your short and long term goals. Strategic planning utilizes the entire VAS offering including tactical reviews of major operating systems and their underlying processes, gap and redundancy analysis, scenario modeling and other activities needed to turn your strategic plan into your results. Read More 


Accounting & Information Systems (AIS)

Start expecting effective simplicity from your system and separate the information you want from the rest of the noise. Be confident that the information you’re getting is timely, useful and accurate. You don't have to spend every morning cursing at your damn system. Your accounting systems should focus on the information that is important to you and little else. These systems are valuable and reliable tools when properly aligned with your operation, unfortunately they’re often more of a distraction. Learn how to make your software work for you. Read More


Inventory & Asset Management

Market and territory analysis, inventory plans and scenario analysis which demonstrate the impact of your inventory on the rest of your business. Modeling of inventory acquisition costs, carrying cost and unit pricing. Asset management plans also include related modeling and schedules for plant, property and equipment as needed. Read More 


Financial and Budget Management

Internal financial reporting (your budgets and financials used by your team) and your external financial reporting (sent to your lenders, OEMs, investors and others) are simply another form of communication. Want to spend less time preparing your financial reporting and more time making your decisions with the information you find useful?


Learn how to create and repeat a consistent process for preparing and interpreting your financial information. Understand what your budget is telling you, understand what your external reporting says about you before you send it to a third party and make sure it reflects who you are and what you are doing. Know your story and feel comfortable telling it.

Modeling of Financial & Non-Financial Information 

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a good model is more efficient. Custom models and templates built exclusively for you to support advisory activities, gauge the achievement of benchmarks or demonstrate scenarios. Typical modeling includes capital and liquidity management, inventory models and forecast/proforma scenario models. 


Transaction Advisory Services

Evaluate an opportunity or choose between your alternatives. Maximize your return on the risks you take, the capital you put into play and the time you devote. Structure your deals to fit your needs and prepare for negotiations by being ready to justify your assertions before the other party does. Services range from inhouse underwriting to agency representation and/or the facilitation of buy-sell agreements, asset sales, commercial real estate transactions, commercial credit and private debt placements. Read More