"Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island,
what book would I bring?…’How to Build a Boat.'"

Steven Wright - Comedian



Strategic Planning

"Lou treats his customers like they’re his partners. He listens until he understands a situation and what his customer needs. He treats his customers’ prospects and problems like they are his own and he puts together solutions that are easily understood and workable. What Lou really does is put time back into your day by helping you focus where you need to. I have a lot of competing priorities as a business owner, we all do. Lou helps me get the most out of the time I spend away from my customers so that I can get back to them sooner."  Walter George - President, Annapolis Boat Sales

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Accounting & Info Systems (AIS)
"Hiring outside help wasn't an easy decision. Several years ago we were growing fast but the business was getting harder to manage. When we merged with a sister dealership and added a location we knew we had to make a change. We didn't need a financial manager as a full time employee, but we did need some help. We went to our long time CPA for advice. We also began working with Lou as our banker around the same time. Lou understands marine dealerships very well, he also gets that no two dealerships are the same. We had worked with Twenty Groups before and benefited from it, Lou was happy to help us apply those concepts to our specific needs. We had Lou work with our CPA at times and the results were great. In addition to being a wealth of industry knowledge, Lou understood what our CPA wanted to do to help us and why, he encouraged us to move forward.

Our CPA partnered with Lou to better understand the ins and outs of our business. Our CPA clarified our goals, consolidated everything into one back office and helped us install a new DMS so that we could manage Angler's Choice as a single business, not three stores. Our CPA also took over our financial reporting, saving countless hours each month. We could feel the difference right away, there was more time to spend on what was important to us while knowing we were making progress. We started catching issues before they became problems. Just after we installed the DMS we caught an employee theft. The theft wasn't a good thing but we slept better at night knowing we were seeing everything that happens in our business.

The hardest part was getting over the cost of consolidating, buying DMS software and paying our CPA to help us put it into place. Looking back, the cost was nothing compared to the time and money we've saved. What made it work was our CPA combined with Lou’s outside perspective and understanding of marine dealerships.  We have more time, less stress and our net profit has grown every year since, even in the year our revenue stayed about the same." Nick & Sandi Loganadan - Angler's Choice Marine

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System & Process Design 

"From the onset, Lou partnered with us to establish an accounts receivable strategy to address critical issues from the financial crisis. By creating an ecosystem of simple independent processes Lou implemented and then brought to steady state a comprehensive solution. In addition, by prioritizing collections issues, educating our staff and implementing repeatable processes, we eliminated the root causes of most issues and saved time and effort. The results speak for themselves: dramatic cash acceleration and a reduction in our AR days outstanding from 125 to 15 days which freed up our operating reserves to fund more than $1.5 million in capital projects over the last eight years, all without having to raise debt." David Schulz - President, University Station Condo Association 

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"Lou takes apart different work activities and describes them as a simple step by step process. He helps teams concentrate on the things that are important without wasting time on the things that aren’t. By standardizing and documenting these processes Lou creates simple systems that are easy to maintain and make the most efficient use of your employees’ time. These systems all but eliminate wasted time, confusion and mistakes. If you have a pile of work you can never seem to get to you need to find a way for you and your employees to work smarter. These systems will help you do more with less and will give you confidence that your operation is running the way you want it to." Michael Kennelly - CEO, Phoenix Rising Management, LLC

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Inventory & Asset Management 

"Working with Lou helped us use different types of data to identify the units that were the best fit for our customers, change our ordering habits to take advantage of our manufacturer’s incentives and put an inventory management plan into place. By considering three different aspects of our inventory at once we were able to eliminate almost all of our aging and dramatically increase our turn over a short period of time." Dominic Nicosia - Owner, Galahad Marine

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Opportunity Analysis

"We like working with Lou when we’re evaluating an opportunity because he breaks the opportunity into parts, both good and bad. It helps us clarify what is important to us and why. Some parts of an opportunity are easy enough to measure or compare, but Lou is good at finding a way to quantify the parts that aren’t easily measured in units or dollars. He takes different alternatives and creates a consistent basis of comparison using criteria that are important to us. Every opportunity is different, Lou doesn’t tell you what the value of an opportunity is, he helps you figure out what an opportunity’s value is to you." Leigh Williamson - Controller, Waterfront Power Sports